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Project Oceanology provides more than 20,000 students and adults annually with opportunities to learn about the ocean through firsthand exploration and experiences. Nurturing interest and inspiring enthusiasm for science and for our planet’s marine environment from our year-round waterfront facility in Groton, our vision is to be the center of excellence for inquiry, and place-based science and marine education serving the evolving needs of our global community.
Join us in honoring Howard “Mickey” Weiss Ph.D., founder of Project Oceanology. Since 1972, Mickey has been a catalyst for change and integral to our mission and trajectory. It is our privilege to celebrate his impact and service. Mickey started Project Oceanology out of a Stonington High School office in 1972, with two simple objectives: to help students learn important concepts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and inspire appreciation for marine environments and conservation.
Project Oceanology remains committed to these principles, and will celebrate its 50th anniversary honoring Howard “Mickey” Weiss, Ph.D.:


Our mission nurtures interest and inspires enthusiasm for science and for our planet’s marine environment from our waterfront facility in Groton. And it is our privilege to announce the Weiss Scholarship Fund aimed at providing enduring support for exceptional young people wishing to take advantage of Project Oceanology’s educational programs, offering an opportunity for donors to support our mission and celebrate the commitment of Project Oceanology’s leadership.
This year’s event will showcase a guided tour of the Project Oceanology campus for sponsors and guests followed by
a cocktail reception at 5:30 p.m. Join our Board of Directors, staff, students and volunteers as we celebrate this
special achievement.
As we approach the gala date, this page will be updated with more details on the evening’s program, Weiss Scholarship Fund, and more.

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