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Celebrating our founder and tireless advocate, Howard “Mickey” Weiss, Ph.D. with the Weiss Scholarship Fund ensures that his love of marine science education along our local waters will continue to inspire ripples of devotion within a greater global community.
During his tenure, Mickey published numerous works on marine science, including two books and several articles in scientific journals. In providing courses on marine environmental education, Mickey helped deliver Project Oceanology’s vision to educators across the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico. 
Mickey secured millions of dollars in federal and state grants to support programmatic growth, teachers and facility expansion. He has received numerous awards for his work, including a J.W. Fulbright Senior Scholar Award (1997) and the Presidential Award from the National Marine Educators Association (2007). 
Mickey received his Ph.D. in Zoology with a concentration in Marine Ecology from the University of Connecticut in 1970. Prior to founding Project Oceanology, he worked as a high school biology teacher in Bedford, Massachusetts; a biology instructor at Massachusetts State College; and the director of the Windward Oceanography Institute in Norwalk, Connecticut.

What your donation supports

Project Oceanology was established with a $59,000 federal grant, and now receives its support from the school districts we serve and private donors like you, who are integral in stewarding our community.


Your support makes everything we do possible, beginning with providing financial assistance for our summer programs available to under resourced youth. Last year, donors helped provide summer experiences to over 80 young people. Project Oceanology was able to provide continuity for school programs and other educational partners as well as educational materials to teachers. 


Often assets like our research vessels and laboratories require maintenance and equipment to remain operational and in service to our community and partners. Inspiring, and ensuring exceptional young people can access the resources and mentors they need to create their own Ocean of Possibilities, your support provides much needed funding to fulfill Project Oceanology’s vision to be the center of excellence for inquiry, place-based science, and marine education, and to serve the evolving needs of our global community.

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