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Beach Clean-Up / Marine Debris

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Location: Bluff Point State Park, Avery Pt, Pine Island (requires skiff), Bushy Island (requires skiff), or other location of your choice

The oceans are increasingly impacted by garbage, particularly plastics.  Students will participate in a beach clean-up, and learn about how debris in the ocean affects the organisms living there.  We’ll measure and categorize our trash, participate in a global marine debris citizen science effort by logging our trash through the Cleanswell app on tablets, and discuss ways to keep trash away from our shores. 
Beach Cleanup2.png

Alignment with Next Generation Science Standards


Post-Lab Activities

Trash Talk Video (Elementary School, Middle School & High School)

Great Pacific Garbage Patch Podcast (Middle School & High School)

Human Impacts (Middle School & High School)

Marine Debris Matching Card Game (Middle School & High School)

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