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Shorebird Identification (2-5)

What makes a shorebird?

Shorebirds are birds specially adapted to live in open land and often near water.

Shorebirds have:

  • Long legs for wading

  • Long, slender beaks for probing the mud or water

  • Camouflage coloring

  • Feed on invertebrates

  • Migrate

  • Prefer open habitats

  • Simple vocalizations such as peeps, whistles or short trills

Can you identify this bird?

Read the description and play the call for each bird in the slide show below. Can you match the call and description to the shorebird image? Click on your choice below the corresponding image.

Seabird food identification

The shape of a birds' beak depends on what it eats. Below you will find an image of a shorebird with a short description. Based on the image and description, make a selection of what you think the shorebird prefers to eat.

CAS Reverse White Logo.png
CAS Reverse White Logo.png

Bird beak activity

For a printable parent/teacher-led bird beak activity, click on the link below.

Bird behavior activity

Students can either observe from home, in their community, or view a webcam link to observe bird behavior. Have them record their findings on the data sheet below.

Elementary Behavior Activity

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