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Project Oceanology understands that schools are facing a lot of uncertainty for the 2020-2021 school year - that’s why our programs are flexible. Learn how we can support your science curriculum – whether you end up delivering it in person or remotely!
We have designed a range of options to accommodate the range of conditions schools and teachers may experience in 2020-2021.
Live, In-Person Programming
This is still our favorite way to teach! If health and safety rules permit, Project O will be delighted to welcome you and your students aboard our research vessels, on the shore, or into our labs. We can also come to your classroom! Research vessels, labs, all equipment, and shared facilities such as bathrooms are thoroughly sanitized between groups, and Project O educators wear masks and maintain strict sanitary procedures at all times. Many programs can be delivered entirely outdoors. We will work with you to ensure that your experience with us meets social distancing requirements set by your school; contact us to discuss details.
Live, Online Programming for the Classroom
If you can’t visit Long Island Sound, we’ll bring Long Island Sound to your classroom! If school is in session but field trips and outside visitors are not allowed, we can drop off scientific gear, samples, and more at your school! Gear will be thoroughly sanitized ahead of time, and drop-off can be arranged in advance so that it can sit untouched for several days before use. During your classes, the Project O instructor will lead the activity live on screen via the virtual platform of your choice, with in-person assistance from the teacher. Some programs may require the teacher to complete a brief virtual training session ahead of time; others do not.
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Live Online Programming for Remote Learning
If you can’t visit Long Island Sound or your classroom, we’ll bring Long Island Sound to your homes! We’ll go live from our research vessel or from the shore with you and your students. Students will meet marine animals and help collect scientific data as we use oceanographic gear to sample physical and biological parts of Long Island Sound. The program will be custom-designed to meet your needs.

“Marissa and the rest of the staff worked closely with us to create a program that was personalized to our needs…The educators during the trip kept my students engaged by sending a data sheet in advance so that my students could record as if they were on the boat, asking them questions, and of course by teaching them about each of the organisms we caught in the lobster trap and plankton net. The virtual boat program was the ‘next best thing’ to actually being on the Envirolab II and in the end, my students learned the same information as if they were actually there! We love Project O and quarantine wasn’t stopping us from attending!” - Kim Picard, 7th grade, Watkinson School

Virtual Field Trips
In these activities designed for remote learning, students are immersed in a marine habitat through google earth tours, videos, and interactive photos and descriptions. They are then presented with a series of research questions – teachers can assign specific questions, or leave students to choose. Research questions range from basic (designed for early middle school) to advanced (upper high school). For the chosen research question, students will be provided with a range of background information, and a dataset collected by previous student participants at Project O. Students will analyze their data, use their results to make a claim backed up by evidence that answers their research question, and then share with their teacher and classmates.
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Custom Video Content
We will work with teachers to design custom video content for their classroom! Examples so far have included a Q&A with our full-time captain with questions about boats and weather submitted by kindergarten students; video footage of diverse fish swimming behaviors for a high school lesson on comparative morphology; an inside tour of Ledge Light lighthouse for a fifth grade class studying maritime history; a lesson on boat safety and navigation for high school students; a geology walk and talk on Bluff Point for seventh grade; and a squid dissection for fourth grade.
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“Project O was able to take my priority concepts and produce virtual activities that I could share with students and their families…The gull nesting behaviors video had several sequences where it almost seemed as if you were there with the birds! Added perks were the follow-up craft, worksheet, or discussion questions that accompany each title. Several of my 5th grade and 8th grade parents took the time to email back that they had really enjoyed the programs. - Evelyn Brown, Middle School Science, Fields Memorial School, Bozrah, CT

Creature Feature
In this video series aimed at younger audiences, we introduce a marine animal, read a story book, and then meet the critter up close. Support materials are available to accompany these lessons including a response to literature graphic organizer (fiction, nonfiction, or poem) and a related STEAM activity.
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“Distance learning is so difficult for 5 year olds developmentally. I had parents telling me that their children loved the [Creature Features] that you created. Some of my children watched it four times. Thank you for providing this for us!” - Debbie West, Kindergarten Teacher, Catherine Kolnaski Magnet Elementary School, Groton CT “My students are head over heels for creature features!” - Teacher from Northeast Academy Elementary, Groton CT

Science Notebooks
In this video series, we take a deep dive into the biology of local organisms through guided science notebook entries. We’ll introduce animals and then draw them, labelling important features and making notes.
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“Love your hermit crab lesson! Awesome job. Paula and I will be using it with our classes.” - Eva Girard, 6th Grade Teacher, West Side Middle School, Groton CT

Project O Facebook Live Videos
This video series was originally broadcast live on Facebook, and is now available in our resource library along with supplemental curriculum materials.
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“Thank you so much. That was an awesome Facebook live video on tonging and bivalves. YouTube videos work great for sharing with my students during this time of distance learning. Thank you again – you guys are AWESOME!” - Kimberly Ann Alzak, Rockville High School

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On the Boat
On the Shore
Lab or In-School
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