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Seal Watch

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Alignment with Next Generation Science Standards

Long Island Sound is a dynamic, seasonally-driven estuary and is the temporary home of many migratory species. In the colder months of the year, Harbor Seals (phoca vitulina) make their way to a Long Island Sound to enjoy the benefits of the milder winter, limited predation and abundant food supply.  Several clusters of rocks near the northern shore of Fishers Island make ideal observation locales for scientists. During this program, students will identify mammalian physical and behavioral adaptations in seals, discuss population dynamics, and collect data on seal numbers at 4 sites in Fishers Island Sound. Students will also gain an understanding of human impact and management, including a focus on the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Additional Resources for Teachers
These are supplementary activities that can be used before or after Project Oceanology programs, designed to help teachers integrate their Project Oceanology experiences into the curriculum. 
  • Resource Limitation Activity

Teaching Notes

Video of seals swimming underwater at Hungry Point
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