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Suggested Shore Trips for Grades K - 2

The shores of southeastern Connecticut are an amazing place to teach young children about nature and science! Meet our educators at a local beach, where you will meet the organisms, map out the habitats, and get your hands and feet wet as you explore the local ecology. Each program is 2.5 hours.
Nearshore Fish Study (Bluff Pt State Park)
Fish use estuaries for breeding and as safe nursery areas. Your Project O instructors will deploy a huge seine net using a skiff, and your students will line up on the beach to help pull the net to shore. Next, everyone will help retrieve the fish from the net and place them in buckets of seawater. We will observe, identify, and count the fish, crabs, jellies, and other  organisms that we catch, and discuss how they interact with each other and with their environment. Students should come prepared to get their feet and legs wet!
Rocky Intertidal Zone Exploration (Project O)
The rocky shore is a rugged environment, battered by surf and changing seasons, and exposed to dramatic daily
swings in temperature, salinity, and other environmental factors. Students will explore the rocky intertidal zone in
search of local inhabitants and determine how they are adapted to survive in such a harsh environment. We’ll spend
about an hour and 15 minutes on the shore, then move inside for a laboratory experience (see next section).
Beach Clean-Up/Marine Debris (Bluff Pt State Park or other location of your choice)
The oceans are increasingly impacted by garbage, particularly plastics. Students will participate in a beach clean-up,
and learn about how debris in the ocean affects the organisms living there. We’ll measure and categorize our trash,
participate in a global marine debris citizen science effort by logging our trash through the Cleanswell app on
tablets, and discuss ways to keep trash away from our shores. 

Other Grade K - 2 Programs

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