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1. How long does the clean-up challenge last?

Sunday, April 26, 2020

2. If I don’t have access to a mobile device and can’t use the app, can I still participate?

Yes! There is a paper version of the datasheet that can be accessed here. If you do it on paper, email a photo of your results to, or you can send it by mail to:

Attn: Earth Day Clean Up

Project Oceanology

1024 Shennecossett Rd. #1

Groton, CT 06340

3. Can I participate by cleaning up a little every day, or does it have to be all at once?

Yes! Just make sure to use the same group name so that we can track your total amounts.

4. Do I have to use the Project Oceanology login on Clean Swell to participate in the challenge?

No! You are welcome to make your own login.  Please screenshot your results and email them to to participate in the challenge.

5. Where can I find the video version of the zoom webinar on how to use the app, and other information?

6. I don’t have good mobile service in the area I’d like to clean/ I don’t have a data plan on the device I’d like to use.  Can I still participate?

Yes! You can use the app normally, and your results will be uploaded when you have access to wi-fi.

7. Where can I access past Facebook Live videos for Earth Week?

Previous Earth Week Facebook Broadcasts can be found below:

Tuesday, 4/21 - Watersheds & Microplastics

8. How do I submit my cleanup data to Project Oceanology?

Due to the high volume of users of the CleanSwell app this Earth Day, Project Oceanology is not getting the detailed reports from each team. If you wish to be acknowledged for your contributions, please screenshot your clean-up summary (or complete paper data sheet) and email with your Team Name to

Email with any questions!

Earth Week 2020 is sponsored by

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