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See below for a recorded Parent Camp meeting from 5/24/2022

  General Questions  
Why choose Project Oceanology?

Project Oceanology is working hard to plan a fun and healthy summer! Our mission for summer 2022 is to get kids outside and away from their devices for a week of fun on the water. We know that children who spend time outdoors are healthier and stronger, with stronger immune systems, lower stress, and longer attention spans. We work closely with our camp physician, the camp community, and the state of CT to ensure a safe and healthy environment at our summer camp. Many aspects of our camp allowed for safe practices even before the pandemic. Our 15.000 sq. ft. facility allows for camps to have their own labs, classrooms and open space for activities. Our shoreline studies take us to mile-long beaches and marshes, with plenty of room to explore. Aboard our vessels, we make full use of deck space… and gulps of fresh sea air! 

How do I register my camper?
What if my child has a special need?

Project Oceanology staff has extensive experience working with students of all abilities. Reasonable accommodations will be made as necessary; however each camper is unique in their needs. You may contact Project Oceanology to arrange a meeting prior to the start of camp to discuss your child's individual needs and/or accommodations.

What occurs during inclement weather?

Project Oceanology prides itself on getting campers outside to study their natural environment and we don’t let a little rain stop us! Please plan accordingly based on the weather forecast. During times of heavy rain, lightning, or thunder, alternative programming will be conducted inside the labs and/or classrooms. Our facility is large which allows ample space for each camp to have its own lab, classroom and open space for activities during severe weather days.

I understand that you take pictures during the camp. Where do I find them and does Project Oceanology use them?

Project Oceanology staff take pictures throughout your camper's session and will share a photo album of their week at camp via an online link after their camp week has ended. Some of these pictures are also posted on the Project Oceanology Facebook page, where you can download any pictures you wish.

Does my child need vaccinations to attend camp?

The following vaccinations are required to attend summer camp at Project O:

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis), Varicella (Chickenpox), Hepatitis A & B, Meningococcal (grades 7+) Polio, and COVID (for those eligible). We do not make exceptions for this requirement.


Our vaccination policy is a result of continual education and guidelines from:

It is our responsibility as a licensed youth camp to make the safest and best decisions not only for our campers and their families but also for Project O staff and their families. These vaccination requirements also pertain to our camp staff and other Project Oceanology employees.

Taking these factors and more into consideration, requiring vaccinations is a necessary component to a healthy camp. These vaccination requirements also pertain to our camp staff and other Project Oceanology employees.

Is there a waiting list for all sessions that are full?

Yes, waiting lists are kept for all camp sessions. If you apply to a session that is already full, we will automatically enter your camper's name on the list. You will be notified if a space becomes available. No payment is required to register for the waitlist.

Can my camper receive academic credit for participating in camp?

Project Oceanology does not provide academic credit for participating in camp.

How do I get in touch with you?

If you have any questions regarding our policies or requirements to attend camp at Project O, please email us at

 Registering for Camp 
What camp forms are required? (All forms will be included in your confirmation email when you register your child for camp).
Bunk Room Assignments

It’s important for us to know what to consider when assigning your camper to a bunk room: Is this the first experience at a sleepaway camp? Is your camper returning the same week as a friend and wants to bunk with them? Do they prefer a top bunk or bottom? Is a sibling attending camp the same week - do they prefer to be together or separate? As part of the registration process, you can tell us those details and we will do our best to accommodate them. In addition, this year, we will offer a “Gender-Inclusive” bunk room. This is a great choice for campers who identify as non-binary, who want to bunk with a friend who is non-binary, for siblings who prefer to room together, or for campers who feel this is the best fit for any reason. For more information, please read our “Best Practices for Gender Inclusion”. You can also email us at with any questions you might have

Best Practices for Gender Inclusion
  • Why offer this option? That’s easy, we are as passionate about our camper’s environment at Project O summer camp as we are about our planet’s marine environment! If we want to provide an excellent camp experience, we must have a plan in place to ensure all campers feel welcome and respected in our camp community

  • What about Bathrooms? We have a single-occupant bathroom complete with a shower designated as Gender-Neutral and available for use by any person, regardless of gender.

  • Who will be in my camper's bunk room? When a camper is registered, parents will have the option to choose a bunk room that corresponds to their camper’s gender. Those campers who register for a female room will be roomed with other campers who identify as female. Those campers who register for a male room will be roomed with other campers who identify as male. Those campers who choose the “Gender-Inclusive” option will be assigned to a room that will have others who made the same choice, regardless of sex. Just like all other bunk rooms in our hostel, they will be supervised by our staff, and expected to adhere to our code of conduct.

  • Who can opt to stay in a “Gender-Inclusive” bunk room? Gender-Inclusive bunk rooms are a good option for campers who feel this is the best fit for any reason, regardless of gender. For example, non-binary campers, their friends who want to bunk with them, or perhaps siblings who want to bunk together.

  • Anything else? Project O already has well-tested policies and practices that deal with all sorts of behaviors and contingencies that might arise at a summer camp for pre-teens and teenagers. We have well-trained staff.  Our camp directors are Project O educators for the rest of the year (before and after camp season). We address things like bullying, inappropriate behaviors, special needs, and anything else you can imagine might happen at summer camp as a matter of policy and best practice