Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors gain credibility and connection to the community by association with Project Oceanology. Project Oceanology will work with corporate sponsors to identify branding and name recognition opportunities, to spread the word about your support on social media and in eblasts, and to provide photographs of the sponsored activities (with appropriate signed releases for those included in pictures) that your company can use for promotional purposes.  Contact us for more information on the following sponsorship opportunities:

Donate a Project Oceanology Membership to a School

Your gift will provide a named membership to Project Oceanology for the school of your choice for one or more years.  Membership in Project Oceanology provides schools with programming on the water, on the shore, and in the classroom. However, membership is more than just programs –member schools gain a stake in Project Oceanology’s future through a seat on our governing board.  They also get access to our facilities, curricular materials, lab and field equipment, and they become part of the Project Oceanology family. The cost of membership varies with the size of the school – contact us for details.

Donate Project Oceanology Programming

$1,500 – 2.5 hour boat program for up to 50 students

$900 – 2.5 hour shore program for up to 50 students

$650 – 2.5 hour in-school or laboratory program for up to 50 students


Donate Camp Scholarships

Each gift of $1,000 provides a named scholarship that will allow a student with financial need to attend Ocean Camp (our residential summer camp) for one week!    

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