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See how Project Oceanology fits within the NEW Connecticut
Science Standards:

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Project Oceanology
Avery Point
1084 Shennecossett Road
Groton, Connecticut 06340

Phone: (860) 445-9007

Fax: (860) 449-8008

E-mail: projecto@oceanology.org



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Bringing a Group
To plan a program contact our main office at 860/445-9007.

Professional Development
We often get grant funding for teacher professional development. These water quality institutes are typically held during the summer. We routinely host workshops and seminars in conjunction with the University of Connecticut, Southern New England Marine Educators Association, Connecticut Outdoor Environmental Education Association and the Thames River Partnership, to name a few. To get on our mailing list, call 860/445-9007or check the websites of these organizations for dates.

Educator's Resources
* a "lending library" of marine animals for member teachers to take from our tanks and use in their classroom aquariums
* a variety of books and audio-visual curriculum materials created by our staff
* Marine Animals of Southern New England and New York, a well-illustrated set of identification keys
* Investigating the Marine Environment, a comprehensive book available on interactive CD detailing field and laboratory procedures, model field studies, experiments and classroom activities for high school and introductory college levels
* our facility is available for educational meetings and teacher professional development workshops

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Connecticut Science Curriculum
Project Oceanology has pioneered a hands-on, inquiry oriented approach to science for students. Science standards set by the Connecticut Department of Education and Connecticut's state wide testing incorporate increasing emphasis on this approach to science learning.

Project Oceanology programs can help educators address Connecticut Framework Goals and Standards including:
* Understanding and applying basic concepts, principles and theories of biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences including ecology and their interrelationships
* Recognizing and participating in scientific endeavors which are evidence-based and use inquiry skills that lead to a greater understanding of the world
* Identifying and solving problems through scientific exploration
* Analyzing the possibilities and limits of science and technology in order to make and defend decisions about societal issues; understanding that the way in which scientific knowledge is formulated is critical to its validity.


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