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Program Cost:
$300 for 25 guests, not including adults

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Party Flyer!

Deposit: 30% deposit to secure a party space, balance of cash or check due on party day.

Schedule: Call for available dates and times (860) 445-9007.

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Birthday Parties

Science parties at Project Oceanology are always oceans of fun! All parties include a hands-on activity with a variety of ocean creatures from our seawater tanks plus your chosen activity from one of our marine science themes. Our marine scientists tailor programs to the educational level of the group.

Plankton Pandemonium
Get up close and personal with some of the ocean's smallest creatures using our microscopes. Create your own plankton model for action-packed plankton races (suitable for grades 1 and up).

Seals Rule!
Explore how these mammals adapt to their wintry wet lifestyles without the benefit of shelter or heat. Discover how they use senses and sound to get around. Here's your chance to act like a seal (suitable for grades 1 and up)!

My, That's a Lovely Fish You're Wearing!
Using a technique inspired by the ancient Chinese traditon of fish printing, discover the artist in you as we make colorful masterpieces on t-shirts (suitable for grades 1 and up).

Phish Physics
We all want to go swimming on a hot summer day, but how do fish handle our cold Connecticut winters? Using live fish discover how changes in H2O temperature effect how fish breathe, eat and live (suitable for grades 3 and up).

How Come I Float?
Discover the principles of buoyancy and the science behind why some things sink and others float. You will build your own miniature submarines. We will then put our diving creations to the buoyancy test (suitable for grades 3 and up).

Parties include:
  2 hour science program conducted by marine scientists
  use of oceanographic and laboratory equipment
  hands-on activity with a variety of ocean creatures from our seawater
  1/2 hour use of room for celebration
  maximum of 25 party guests, not including adults

Scheduling a Party
All parties are held in Project Oceanology laboratories and cafeteria. Our parties are educational, exciting and entertaining. Scheduling one is always a piece of cake! Call 860/445-9007.

Cancellations received more than 3 days prior to the reserved date will receive a refund of any deposit minus a $20 administrative fee. No deposits will be refunded for cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to the party.

Please note: We discourage cell phones or other electronic devices during camp.



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