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Program Cost.........$FREE.

Grant funding may be available to residents of Connecticut. Please note, the camp will not run if it it is not awarded state grant funding.

Summer 2015 Camp Schedule

Program ID
June 28 - July 24 ODI15/Ses1
July 26 - Aug. 21 ODI15/Ses2

2015 Summer Camp Application

2015 Jr. Counselor Application

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Please fax or mail the completed forms to Project Oceanology.
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Participants in our 3-week, residential camp will embark on field study excursions that combine exploration of marine environments and habitats with laboratory research activities which offer an excellent review of CAPT science concepts. Students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds will conduct research in teams. Real life science is a collaborative venture and student research teams will mirror that model. Under the guidance of professional marine scientists, students will use marine science research equipment such as sediment corers, salinity meters, nutrient test kits, dissolved oxygen meters, otter trawls and seine nets.

Students selected for this program will represent a diverse range of cultures, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds and be from both urban and rural areas of Connecticut. During the camp, students will participate in activities that encourage understanding and acceptance of differences in culture and background.

The camp begins 5pm on Sunday and ends at 3:30 p.m. Friday. Participants stay in bunk bed style dorm rooms during the week and then return home each weekend. This camp is funded by a Connecticut State Department of Education Interdistrict Cooperative Grant and all meals, boat transportation, lodging and program materials are funded by the grant.

This program covers a wide variety of marine science topics such as, Water chemistry analysis - temperature, salinity, oxygen, PH, Geologic history of Bluff Point Coastal Reserve and Long Island Sound, Fish Respiration, Plankton and infauna study, Population dynamics, Marine food webs of Long Island Sound, Careers in marine science and many other topics.

Selection criteria is defined by the guidelines established by the State of Connecticut under this grant. This program is only open to Connecticut residents.




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